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  • Advanced Threat Prevention Solution


  • New approaches to combat cyber-attacks require innovative and extensive security solutions.
  • Implementation of proactive, preventive and innovative technologies that will prevent malware infiltration of the network.
  • Evaluating the best solutions on the market for preventing targeted cyber attacks

Services & Solutions

  • Consulting, conception and planning was undertaken by Controlware and partners.
  • Efficient security, performance and the value of the new hardware solution provided by a leading manufacturer have been verified in a jointly conducted pilot tes.
  • Roll-out and start-up of the on-premise application solution for e-mails and web-content.

Advantages & Benefits

The new proactive method not only identifies known threats, but is also capable of recognizing and stopping unfamiliar malware at first occurrence. Thus, malware threats are detected in the exploitation phase itself. The customer now has a next generation threat prevention tool with extensive threat emulation and threat extraction.

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