Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main

The Goethe University is a lively, urban and cosmopolitan university. As one of the largest universities in Germany with over 45,000 students, the university offers a wide range of subjects in research and teaching. On the basis of solid basic research, the university encourages application orientation and practical reference.

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Education and science


Frankfurt am Main
  • Data centre move to measure


  • Establishment of a new central university center to replace two older data centers.
  • Failure times are not an option for the globally networked educational institution, the operation must also be guaranteed during the night, on holidays and weekends.
  • Interruption-free and secure data transmission of 1.2 petabytes
  • Economic processing of the relocation, taking into account data safety and data protection requirements

Services & Solutions

  • Consulting, conception, planning, project management and realization
  • Relocation of the higher education center and the network nodes, base and server services, storage systems and archive solutions
  • Optimization of infrastructure, data security and performance by using modern technology
    FC switch and storage systems


The Goethe University used the project as an opportunity for sustainable economic and technical restructuring and was able to replace a number of legacy systems. The relocation took place during operation and without any significant impairment for the users.


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