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  • Corporate Voice

Replace the telephone system with a modern, future-proof IP-based solution and a completely re-designed network infrastructure to be integrated into existing applications.

Services & Solutions

  • Advice, design, procurement, configuration, integration and maintenance
  • Modernised and simplified the enterprise network by deploying modern, virtual-chassis products
  • Implemented an integrated IP communications solution including voice, video and data
  • Fully redundant design in a backup location

The modernised enterprise network makes it easier for the client to configure the virtual switching system, gives better performance by being fully converted to 10 Gbit in the core area and 1 Gbit and PoE at all stage ports. The new, IP-based communications solution is integrated into the business applications, offering considerable advantages compared with the old phone system.

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Cisco Systems GmbH
Cisco Systems GmbH

Cisco, the world’s leading IT provider, helps companies to exploit today the business opportunities of tomorrow. Networking people, processes, data and things results in incomparable opportunities.

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