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As a globally active producer of sealant systems for the automotive and construction sector, SaarGummi runs 19 premises in Asia, Europe, North and South America. The group contains automotive, construction and SaarGummi Neo departments, a dedicated unit promoting, researching and implementing visions and ideas for in-house products.

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  • Next-generation firewalling with SD-WAN


Luxembourg company CQLT SaarGummi Technologies S.à r.l. was looking for a suitable partner to carry out an update of its firewall infrastructure. The firewall landscape needed to be unified and modernised across twelve worldwide premises. The goal was to eliminate the heterogeneous structure using next-generation firewalls and combine them to form a powerful, centrally administered network.
As a partner, the choice was for Palo Alto networks as firewall creator and Controlware as system integrator.

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At the start of the project, extensive consultation regarding the selection of suitable models and sizing of the firewalls for the locations took place. What was deployed was a mix of next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) in the PA-800 and PA-3200 series with a high security level. These firewalls not only check the port and protocol but analyse the entire content of the network.
As NGFWs support as standard a broad set of SD-WAN functionalities to control network traffic, it was decided during the course of the project to replace the customer's more costly MPLS network with an innovative, software-defined Wide Area Network. PAN-OS SD-WAN is flexible in operation, and allows all variants of network transport to be virtualised, bundled, and centrally managed.


The customer now has efficient, centralised management of all firewall systems.
Using the hybrid Panorama platform, the firewalls can be simply operated and controlled by a unified console, allowing more efficient use worldwide and minimising sources of error.
In the Palo Alto Networks solution, a flexible platform has been chosen, one that will grow to fit the company’s needs.
With Controlware as service provider, a partner has been found to help with hotline services, care service and remote support, allowing the potential of the systems to be realised and with the potential to help in future projects.

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Palo Alto Networks
Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks deploys a new next generation firewall concept which is based on application control rather than on conventional port controls and which provides protection for the important applications, users and content in today’s dynamic IT environments.

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