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Aurubis AG is a world-leading provider of non-ferrous metals and one of the biggest copper recyclers in the world. The company processes complex metal concentrates, scrap metals, organic and inorganic metal-containing materials for recycling and industrial waste into metals of the highest quality. Aurubis produces more than 1 million tonnes of copper cathodes per year as well as many other copper products and alloys. Aurubis employs around 7,200 people, has production sites in Europe and the USA and operates an extensive service and sales system in Europe, Asia and North America.

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  • DNA pre-introduction - Aurubis AG places its trust in Cisco SDA – a software-controlled network as the basis for automation


At its Hamburg site, Aurubis AG operates an extensive network infrastructure together with the managed service partner Controlware GmbH, which largely consists of components provided by its partner Cisco. An SDA (Software Defined Access) is to be introduced into this existing network infrastructure in connection with the new central management platform DNA (Digital Network Architecture).

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A multi-stage plan consisting of the following points was created to implement the project:
A concept “DNA blueprint” was created in advance by describing the “network paradigm” and elucidating the added value in great detail together with the client.
Subsequently, the “DNA pre-introduction Hamburg” testing and validation project began. With the introduction and implementation of the DNA Center and SD Access in the existing network, a fundamentally rethought network design and management platform were achieved. During the assessment stage it quickly became clear what investments in hardware and software components were still required before the full implementation of the project, allowing final implementation to begin.


  • Through automation, the new centralised management has simplified the provision and availability of network services. Configuration, provisioning and troubleshooting of network services take place fully automatically.
  • The new technology massively improves security and, thanks to end-to-end network segmentation, threats are minimised, with security guidelines then able to be applied across the entire network.
  • The DNA solution can be extended and scaled at any time by third-party providers via the northbound API.
  • Through this technical validation of the project, the prerequisites for a software-defined network have been created at Aurubis AG.
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Cisco Systems GmbH

Cisco, the world’s leading IT provider, helps companies to exploit today the business opportunities of tomorrow. Networking people, processes, data and things results in incomparable opportunities.

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