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NÜRNBERGER Versicherung is a German insurance company headquartered in Nuremberg. For over 135 years, millions of customers have relied on NÜRNBERGER Versicherung for insurance claims and damages. Today, with around 4,500 employees and an annual turnover of 4.6 billion euros, NÜRNBERGER is in the top flight of German insurers. The company is predominantly active in Germany and Austria in the fields of life, private health, indemnity, accident and car insurance, as well as financial services.

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  • Controlware optimises the data centre network infrastructure at NÜRNBERGER Versicherung with an SDN solution


With the forthcoming new lifecycle of network infrastructure at the NÜRNBERGER data centre, increased demand for streaming and cloud services arose, with correspondingly greater emphasis on the linked topic of data security. To meet the demands for planning, procurement and system and software operation, the customer decided to tender for goods and services to provide a suitable data centre network. What was required was the procurement, assembly, configuration and commissioning (phase 1), migration of data centre LAN components to two customer data centres (phase 3) and hardware and software services after launch and coupling (phase 3).

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The Application Centrified Infrastructure (ACI) solution was selected as the best fit for the requirements. The basis for this SDN solution is provided by its modern Nexus 9000 switches and use of APICs as control units. Here, in selecting the components, Controlware always made sure to use the latest hardware, allowing the longest possible protection of the investment against discontinuation by the manufacturer. In terms of design, a MultiPod environment was the most economical and operationally sensible solution.
Because we integrated our technical experts right from the point of preparing the bid, they were already acquainted with many aspects of the NÜRNBERGER environment when the contract was awarded and were able to implement everything without a problem. During this time, we made sure a trained project manager was always on hand to coordinate the deployment of the technical personnel.


The data centre network at NÜRNBERGER is now based on an SDN solution by Cisco (ACI). This makes administration, troubleshooting and application visibility much simpler, offering the customer a competitive advantage over other solutions on the market.
The goal of achieving ease of management alongside flexibility and availability for the customer’s applications and services of today and tomorrow and integrating secure virtual environments into the network infrastructure was achieved with success.
The service concept consists of Cisco Partner Support and the Controlware Care Service.

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