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Controlware GmbH, Dietzenbach, is one of the leading independent system integrators and managed service providers in Germany. Founded in 1980, the company develops, implements, and operates sophisticated IT solutions for the data centers, enterprise and campus environments of its customers. The portfolio extends from consultancy and planning, through installation and maintenance to the management, monitoring and operation of customer infrastructures by our own ISO 27001-certified Customer Service Center. Network Solutions, Collaboration, Information Security, Application Delivery, Data Center & Cloud and IT Management are the core business areas of Controlware. Controlware works closely with national and international leading manufacturers and has the highest degree of certification with most of these partners.


System Integrator & IT Services


  • Software-defined network as basis for automation – in their company headquarters Controlware puts their trust in Cisco SDA


  • To accommodate for the growing number of end devices and users and increasingly power-hungry applications, the complex switching architecture with 600 endpoints and 14 floor switches was to be replaced by a software-defined network.
  • Special challenges in the process included implementing logically separate networks for voice and data transmission, as well as integrating sophisticated CCTV and IoT components in the network.

Services & Solutions

  • After successfully concluding the testing of equipment a decision was made for a Cisco SD-Access based solution with access, security and management. The powerful solution for implementing the company vision includes:
    • Cisco Catalyst campus switches from the 9000 Series for resiliency, integrated security and uncomplicated IT
    • Cisco DNA Center with Software-Defined Access (SDA) for automation, security and analytics
    • Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) for simplified and highly secure access control
    • Cisco Nexus data center switches from the 9000 Series for high performance and density, low latency and excellent energy efficiency
    • Cisco Nexus Fabric Extender from the 2000 Series for a flexible architecture

Advantages & Benefits

  • With the new SDA solution it is possible to administer and define the network through a consistent policy, so new services can be introduced more quickly and problems efficiently rectified.
  • With the help of a clearly organized dashboard it is possible to define detailed sets of rules for switching and routing in the network, and apply them through the software to specific applications, users or devices. This allows network operations to be largely automated and lastingly optimized. Disruptions and deviations from the nominal condition in particular are automatically registered and reported, which helps enormously in directly speeding up analysis and isolating errors.
  • The SDA architecture allows flexible expansion, so it is always possible to expand the solution to other locations, or add new components as needed.
  • With Cisco SDA the foundation has been laid for operations of the future and further growth in times of the Cloud and the IoT.
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