The XXXLutz Group is an Austrian chain of furniture and home furnishing retail stores which has its head office in Wels. When the company was founded in 1945 in Haag am Hausruck, their range of merchandise was still dominated by traditional Austrian craftsmanship, including items such as hand-painted wooden boxes and rustic farmhouse-style furniture. In the subsequent decades, there followed a gradual and long-term expansion of this regionally-based furniture business, and Lutz was transformed into XXXLutz. Today the XXXLutz Group has over 280 furniture and home furnishing retail stores in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Romania, Croatia, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Hungary and, with an annual sales turnover of 4.4 billion euros, they are one of the biggest furniture retailers in the world.

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  • Controlware secures the XXXLutz network together with ISL


On account of their large number of different sites (with more than 4,500 switches and more than 72,000 terminals), the furniture retailer XXXLutz wanted to be provided with a better overview and more transparency in their network. Together with the experts from Controlware and ISL, a suitable NAC solution was to be found which would ensure access protection, so that only authorised devices and users would be able to gain access to the network.

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  • As the various different types of device are often limited in terms of their options for authentication, meaning that authentication in accordance with 802.1X was ruled out, the initial step was to set up basic protection with NAC-based authentication.
  • The ARP-GUARD fitted in perfectly with the requirements formulated in the specifications, and evidence of its performance could be provided in a Proof of Concept (PoC).
  • The basic implementation was initially realised in a test branch set up in the head office. All the systems included in the XXXLutz network were captured within a short space of time and the architecture was clearly presented in a graphic topology. This will make future network planning considerably easier and will allow sources of disruption to be rapidly localised and removed.
  • On account of the particular flexibility of the ARP-GUARD solution, only one sensor was stationed in each region during the successfully concluded roll-out phase, to which several branches could then be linked up. The number of sensors was reduced dramatically from 271 to 11 and, on account of the convincing level of efficiency of the system, the technicians were also able to increase the number of connected branches to 180.


  • The system is both highly efficient and capable of adaptation, and can also be operated with a manageable amount of effort.
  • The training conducted by the experts from Controlware establishes clear structures.
  • The required IT administrative effort will be reduced through the automation of routine tasks.
  • The comprehensive opportunities presented by the role-based administration allow easy integration of the various teams such as Network, Support/Hotline and Management.
  • Even with only one piece of data such as an IP address, the system can localise devices and deliver a comprehensive view of branch office, location, switch, VLAN and port.
  • Rather than manual set-up on the individual switch ports, the assignment to the appropriate VLAN is done by the system (ARP-GUARD) at the press of a button.
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ISL is a leading German software producer in the field of IT security with focus on network access control (NAC). Since 1999, ISL has been helping its customers to arm themselves against the constantly increasing and changing challenges of IT security. ISL has made it its business to protect know-how and resources by IT-Security Made in Germany - safe, reliable and trustworthy! Many years of NAC competence and innovation characterize the team of ISL GmbH and let the company grow continuously. Customers appreciate the flexibility and creative ideas when it comes to implementing NAC simply and efficiently. Since February 2019 ISL is a business unit of DTS IT AG.

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