Controlware Park

Controlware‘s founder, Helmut Wörner, has had a large park developed behind the corporate HQ in Dietzenbach. It is open to the public during the day and is a great place for staff to relax.

Both gardens and the world of high-tech fascinate those involved in developing them. They share many characteristics. Just as trees, flowers and shrubs change with the seasons, ITC also changes regularly – often more rapidly than the seasons!

In the long term, gardens only remain beautiful, and high-tech only remains successful, if the people responsible for them maintain and develop them – with enthusiasm, prudence and vision. In this respect, nature is a good guide for managing companies. Just as nature is constantly renewing itself, companies also need to renew themselves continuously. If they fail to do so, gardens grow wild and companies become outdated.

Visit the Controlware Garden in Dietzenbach – it will be worth the trip!




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