Controlwarea Update on the Coronavirus Pandemic

Controlware is closely monitoring the development of Covid-19 infections (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2) and has developed crisis and contingency plans to maintain its business operations and those of its customers. We are doing everything we can to minimize the impact of Covid-19. Due to the management system for information security according to ISO 27001 and as an operator of a critical infrastructure (KRITIS), Controlware is ideally positioned to do so. In addition, we support our customers with special services to ensure that their IT and telecommunications projects meet the current requirements.

Health has the highest priority

Controlware is aware of its social responsibility and its special role in pandemic times. The health of our employees, relatives, customers and partners is a top priority. Our employees work in the office or at home if desired. We follow the orders and recommendations of the authorities. For example, we have converted on-site events into webcasts. Customer visits have also been reduced to a minimum, taking place virtually wherever possible. Together with our partners, we have formed emergency teams to maintain business operations and provide additional services.

Controlware Service is secure

Controlware continues to provide all contractually agreed services for its customers. In the current situation, we offer additional consulting services and support our customers in the areas of remote and home office workstations as well as cloud collaboration solutions, business continuity assurance, pandemic IT concepts for business continuity management, and individual collaboration service. Some of our vendors are currently offering no-cost remote workstation expansion plans. Feel free to contact us anytime for more information!

Extend remote working options

In the current pandemic situation, Controlware offers its customers additional services for their IT and telecommunications projects. For many customers, the focus is on quickly scaling remote working options for secure connectivity with SaaS, cloud and data center applications. We support:

  • Consulting and contingency plans, for example for pandemic IT concepts and home office workplaces.
  • Rapid expansion and set-up of solutions for remote access as well as for applications such as secure remote access, remote desktop & application, WAN adaptation and optimization
  • Collaboration services such as web conferencing and webcasts
  • Protection of business operations against serious disruptions through Business Continuity Management (BCM), in which effective measures are successively activated depending on developments. We are happy to provide you with current support for BCM implementation or preparation for a future crisis scenario.

If you have any questions, please contact your personal Controlware Account Manager or our hotline at +49 6074 858333. You are also welcome to send us an e-mail.