What do you get out of a foundation?

Many years ago, we considered how to create benefits for our workers that go beyond just employment.


The result is our foundation, which through its concrete support not only supports the working environment, but very specifically the quality of life of employees.

From continuing education to work-life balance

We firmly believe that not only a company but society as a whole functions best when there is a balance between give and take.


The Controlware Foundation is a foundation under civil law with legal capacity based in Dietzenbach, Hesse. The purpose of the foundation is, among other things:

  • Promoting science, research and education in the field of information technology by supporting dual universities and degree programs and by awarding scholarships to students
  • the promotion of art and culture by organizing concerts and cultural events and by awarding scholarships to art and music students
  • Promoting nature conservation through landscape management and preservation of biodiversity in the area of the park at Controlware headquarters, as well as by opening it to the public
  • the promotion of international understanding and international spirit by carrying out and supporting youth exchanges between domestic and foreign pupils and students

The Controlware Foundation pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes.


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