Sometimes the simplest questions are the hardest.

Well, by now it's common knowledge that we're on first name terms here at Controlware. But other details may not be so clear yet, so here's a little clarification.


Tip #1

Inform yourself

You know the career page now, the rest of the website is not bad either.

Tip #2

Short and crisp

Organize your resume clearly. Save the rest of your story for the interview.

Tip #3

Cover letter

Of course, this is not a must, but it helps us understand why you are interested in us.

Tip #4

Soft Skills

As a team player, you're in exactly the right place with us, that's a given. But feel free to tell us what else makes you stand out.

Tip #5


Do you have proof of education or work experience, further training or certificates? Bring them in!

Tip #6


It's like going on a date, comb your hair, brush your teeth, but be yourself.

Tip #7


Depending on the job, we're interested. You were in sales? Which industry, products, region…

Tip #8


Oh, right, there was one more thing. You have concrete ideas? Out with it! Otherwise we'll sort it out later.

Tip #9

Unsolicited application

If you haven't found anything suitable, get in touch anyway. Sometimes things change rapidly.

Do you have any questions?
Your contact person is:



Kruno Ivacic

T: +49 6074 858 00