School Leavers

Trainings with great prospects

A good training background is the key to a successful career.
Controlware offers six different training paths at 15 locations in Germany.

Trainings at Controlware
(Each lasts 2-3 years, depending on the school leaver’s certificate)

  • IT specialist
  • IT systems consultant
  • Storage logistics manager

Dual course of studies with Controlware
(Each lasts 3 to 3.5 years)

  • IT
  • Information management

With dual courses of study, we work closely with six well-known institutions of higher education – including with Darmstadt University of Appliance Sciences, where we have helped to develop the KoSI (Cooperative IT Course).

Theory and practice are combined and closely linked both in our traditional trainings and on the dual study course. This will enable you to get a broad overview of the different areas of activity, and provide the ideal basis for getting your career off to a successful start.

We give full-time contracts to over 90% of our trainees who complete their contract successfully.


Work Experienc

Would you like to take a look at the highly varied world of IT work while you are still at school? If so, apply to Controlware or attend one of our events for school students.For more information, please contact our Training Manager Valerio Bello.


Personalabteilung - Nachwuchs


Personalabteilung - Nachwuchs

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